One Dart Short

Nerf Rule #1: You never have enough darts!

Here's my current Nerf (and related items) collection, along with some random photos! (Current a work in progress, as I need to add in a lot of my newer stuff).



  • N-Strike Elite Firestrike (AR removed)
  • N-Strike Elite Firestrike (AR removed, spring upgraded)
  • N-Strike Elite Firestrike x2 (Repaint)
  • N-Strike Elite Rampage (AR removed, OMW spring upgraded)
  • N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike (Ultrafire batteries)
  • N-Strike Elite Retaliator (Full OMW kit)
  • N-Strike Elite Strongarm (Full OMW kit)
  • N-Strike Elite Stryfe (Safeties removed, Ultrafire batteries)
  • N-Strike Elite Stryfe (Safeties removed, Ultrafire batteries, full Black/Orange repaint)
  • N-Strike Longstrike (Full OMW Massacre kit)
  • N-Strike Pseudo-Elite Reflex (Repaint)
  • N-Strike Secret Shot (Stripped)

Other Stuff