One Dart Short

Nerf Rule #1: You never have enough darts!

Review: Nerf Thunderblast


The second Nerf blaster to fire the Nerf Missile ammo (after the Demolisher 2-in-1), the Thunderblast is actually pretty lame. It's a single piece blaster, no detachable stock or anything, and comes with three of the new missiles. The stock holds two missiles, and is probably the most interesting part of the blaster: in addition to holding the blaster in the normal way, if you're kid-sized, the rear of the stock can actually sit over your shoulder kind of like a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. 

Firing the Thunderblast is the same, regardless of whether or not you shoulder mount it. The missile is loaded in the front, then the front hand grip is pushed all the way forward, then pulled back sharply to fire. Needless to say, attempting to do this with any degree of force pulls the blaster out of alignment (assuming you're right handed this generally means to the left). This is made worse by the foregrip being significantly lower on the barrel than the rear grip. While to some degree this can be managed with practice, it's still a poor design. At least the bulk of the Demolisher (plus the difference in foregrip) alleviated this issue to a reasonable degree, and it's only a secondary ammo type there in any case. As it is, the Thunderblast really doesn't cut the mustard. I strongly recommend that you avoid getting one. If you particularly like the new Nerf missiles, either get a Demolisher, or wait for the new Modulus blaster coming out later this year that has a tactical rail mounted missile launcher! Haven't seen exactly how that operates yet, but really hoping for an actual trigger mechanism.