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Review: Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire (repost)

(Note: This is a repost of my original review dated 04/Jul/2014)

It's been a long dry spell for Nerf, and I suspect I'm not alone in looking forward to the batch of blasters announced at the various toy fairs earlier in the year! August was supposed to be the release month for them all, but, as seems usual, there are some early releases. It looks like the Slingfire, the Demolisher, and the Mega Thunderbow all dropped at the start if this month. And thanks to unusually fast shipping from Amazon, I just got my hands on a Slingfire (and should have a Demolisher at the start of next week). The Slingfire is (as seems the common thread for the Zombie Strike range) very much patterned on a specific gun. In this case, it's the classic Winchester rifle, with its distinctive under-trigger lever cocking mechanism. It comes with a six dart magazine and six green Elite darts. As usual, the magazine can only be loaded with the blaster half-cocked, and made a little more awkward by also requiring the magazine release button to be pressed. While this is normal, it stands out a bit more for the Slingfire due to cocking with the dominant hand.

Since seeing the original teaser for this blaster, I know many of us were hoping to be able to cock it by spinning the blaster around by the cocking lever (always a favourite move in Hollywood Westerns). Unfortunately, the blaster really doesn't have the weight or balance to achieve this. In addition, the cocking lever itself is relatively flimsy, so even if you tried to rebalance the blaster, you'd be risking either breaking the lever itself, or stripping the plastic gear teeth used in the process. (Edit: the cocking lever seems more robust than I initially thought, and the trick to spinning it is to start with the lever already all the way down!)

The Slingfire does look über-cool with the green magazine from a Rayven!

That said, the blaster is a very cool styled addition to the arsenal (the Zombie Strike lineup is pretty damn awesome)! The firing rate isn't fantastic, being a bit slower than a Hammershot, but the range and accuracy seem up to scratch for the currently Nerf lineup. All in all, very happy with it, and it's a great blaster for casually firing a couple of darts through the office! Edit: Been trying some more accuracy tests, and getting a bit disappointed. The spread is definitely appearing worse than I initially thought. Almost as bad as the Sledgefire...