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Review: Nerf Demolisher 2-In-1 (repost)

(Note: This is a repost of my original review dated 07/Jul/2014)

Hot on the heels of my shiny new Slingfire, on my doorstop this morning was another package: the newly released Demolisher 2-in-1!

The packaging pushes both the range increase (the claim is 90'), and the new missile component (a single dart and missile are visible through a clear plastic section of the box).

Pausing to take some box shots, I opened up the box to see the new beastie in full! Included with the base blaster is a stock extension that also holds an additional missile, the amusingly styled "banana" ten dart magazine, ten Elite darts (Type E), and two of the new missiles. Missing (as expected) is the four AA batteries required to power the flywheels. The Demolisher has two tactical rails, one on top and a shorter one on the right side (the battery compartment is on the left). It's also able to take barrel extensions, and has sling attachment points at the barrel end and the base of the stock.

The Demolisher's standard dart firing is functionally the same as the Stryfe/Rayven. There's an acceleration trigger (a bit better feel to it too) which spins up the flywheels, and the trigger then fires as usual. Given that the voltage (6V) is the same as the Stryfe, but is supposed to be capable of an extra 15' distance, the logical assumption is that they've improved the flywheel motors (a not uncommon mod). This also means that if we're able to identify those motors, they become a completely safe swap into a Stryfe (or any other current flywheel blaster) to upgrade it. Obviously a quick check of the rest of the circuitry would be in order first, but sounds pretty straightforward.

Now on to the missile! My first couple of attempts at firing it were pretty woeful... The mechanism is simply a single air chamber that fires that missile as you pull the grip back towards the blaster. I was being either being way too cautious or it was sticking a lot at first use, but my first shot didn't even get out of the blaster! After checking the mechanism and the manual, I tried again and am now getting consistently accurate and ranges shots with it. It's a quite fun little addition, although the missile holder in the stock has a nasty habit of leaving marks on the missile rather too easily. Shooting flat, I'm hitting 12 meter (40 feet) ranges without any problem. Tends to pull to the right as a result of how you shoot it, but still pretty accurate! Can't wait to try it somewhere I can really try some long angled shots!

The ten dart banana magazine is, as expected, very much just a gimmick. Actually looks quite good on a Longshot though! Any of the usual bigger magazines go nicely, and even though the balance of the blaster is very far forward (even with the stock extension), the missile firing mechanism is great for the second hand. But seriously, don't expect to use this as a one-handed, even though it's a flywheel blaster.

I’m overdue to do some range testing on a whole heap of my blasters, this now being added to them. So far, it does seem to out-shoot most of my stock Elite blasters, so seems to fit the claims on the box. Range and accuracy on the missile seems decent for what it is. I suspect the fins are assisting accuracy, or it could be wishful thinking on my part!

In summary, I can see why some people just consider this a gimmicky version of a Stryfe, but I still like it. The missile is a bit of fun, it’s got the extra range, and comes with the detachable stock. All are pluses. Against that, the Stryfe can often be picked up extremely cheaply, and easily upgraded with some Trustfire batteries. Anyway, I like it!