One Dart Short

Nerf Rule #1: You never have enough darts!

Mod: Longshot Immortal Kit from OMW (repost)

(Note: This is a repost of my original post dated 01/May/2014)

Finally managed to snag an out of production Longshot Immortal Kit from OrangeModWorks, and ripped one of my mint Longshots out of its box to put it in!

While I also had a spare 10KG Longshot spring, I ended up just using the 8KG spring included in the kit. This was mostly due to some problems I was having getting the Longshot back together and working (the 10KG made trying to test it while it was misbehaving a bit hard).

Anyway, finally got it all back together and working. Removed most of the locks, the extending stock, the jam access panel, and the bipod, and it's now light and deadly! The replacement cocking handles make it very easy to cock one-handed, even with the 8KG spring (two times stock strength), and while I haven't range tested it properly yet, it already seems to be able to shoot easily 22-24 meters! Loud bugger too!