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Review: Zombie Strike Target Set (repost)

(Note: This is a repost of my original review dated 12/Feb/2014)

This is just a quick review, as there's really not a lot to this item. It's simply a re-coloured Jolt, a clip-on that doubles as a sight and two dart holder, three targets, and three Zombie Strike darts (with the actual Zombie Strike logo, type E).

The Jolt and clip-on attachment are predominantly coloured bright lime green to match up with some of the other Zombie Strike blasters, and in structure it's identical to the currently available pseudo-Elite Jolt. The clip-on attachment will fit any other Jolt, but really doesn't serve much purpose; sighting down the barrel is going to give you just as much accuracy, so it's only really of any use if you like the extra two darts being handy. Personally, I'd recommend the Jolt Dart Holder from SlyDev as a better value product.

The three targets include are in three sizes, mostly plastic, but with a small cardboard centre with zombie imagery on it. Wouldn't surprise me to see these targets re-released in some other package just with different cardboard insets. The targets fall easily enough, in fact almost too easily–my first shot at one of them missed, then dropped the target on a rebound! Extra weight in the base would have been nice, may be worth a bit of blue tack to hold them a bit more stably?

So, is it worth getting? If you like collecting different coloured Jolts, yes. If you like "proper" targets to shoot at, perhaps. If you're only after the dart storage clip-on, no, look to SlyDev for a better option.