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Review: Mobile Mission P.A.K. (repost)

(Note: This is a repost of my original review dated 15/Jan/2014)

This review is for the Mobile Mission P.A.K. (or as listed on Amazon, the Nerf Elite Soft Transport Case). This is another Hasbro licensed 3rd party Nerf accessory, made by Perpetual Play. It's rather hard to find out much about them–their main claim to fame seems to be their partnership with Hasbro, though they also mention a recent partnership with Target USA where they're pushing a new "Toytainer" storage program (which ties into their Nerf storage systems). They have a tiny Facebook page, which has bugger all on it, and the only non-Nerf stuff I've seen from them has been some toy cars. Seems a strange choice for Hasbro, but maybe they figure it's easier to deal with the small fry.

Anyway, on to the Mission (P.A.K.)! ;-) This is basically a fully fold open-able shoulder bag. It's made of a plastic weave, with additional padding around the edges (but not front/back). Outside colouring is blue, and similar to the "digital cam"-style used in the current N-Strike Elite line. It has a shoulder strap that's longish, but if you're a big guy you might find it a little on the short side. On the plus side, the strap is intelligently designed to handle weight, and is attached on opposite sides of the zip, meaning that if the zip breaks, the strap still may keep all your gear in the case. It also has two orange carry handles, and the front side has the Nerf logo along with a pair of orange straps along the side. In theory these could be used for carrying an a extra dozen or two darts, but in practice you'd be more likely to just hook extra bits and pieces on there (perhaps if you've attached a hook onto one of your smaller blasters or something), or even an extra ammo bag (conveniently, Perpetual Play also make such a bag, but due to some weird Amazon bug at the moment, I'm unable to get hold of one without shelling out the price of a Centurion in shipping!).

Opening things up, there's a surprising amount of space. The top section is quite capable of holding a twelve dart magazine in each of the two pouches (and don't we so wish Hasbro would finally start selling those individually? I'm running out of space for my spare Retaliators!), or else a pair of six dart mags, or even some Jolts/Triads, or (almost) even a HammerShot. What would finish the top of perfectly would be a couple of elasticised straps in the top there, would be perfect for holding something like a barrel extension. That said, it'd probably be easy enough to add yourself. The bottom section has two orange elasticised velcro straps, about perfect for holding a Stryfe (which, funnily enough, is what they use in their promo pictures). My Stryfes are currently elsewhere, so I'll show you some other configurations.

As you can see, the Elite Rayven and Rough Cut 2x4 are both extremely good fits for the case, along with the recently released Zombie Strike Crossfire (one of my current favourite blasters). Works nicely with a HammerShot wedged into the top section too!

Those blasters are about as big as you can realistically fit into the case. You've got no chance of storing a Longstrike, Longshot, or Centurion, obviously the case isn't intended for the bigger blasters.

Unfortunately the smaller blasters aren't really great when trying to fit a pair into the case either (depending on the blasters). The Retaliator in particular is poor at this due to the large magazine holding mechanism, while the Spectre is fits quite well.

Onto the final test: just how much can you fit in? Well, this is what I managed:

And out of the case:

That's a pretty reasonable selection of Nerf gear to transport (and yes, I know that none of those blasters take magazines, just pretend that the Maverick is a Stryfe or something :-p). And when folded up and worn, it seems to pack down quite nicely, and all well held in place. Note that I'm just over 180cm tall, and that strap is at full extension. The case doesn't rattle, and I reckon I could probably fit another small soft case of darts or extra magazines in there without the overall case bulking out to any major degree.

Really very impressed with this one (quite unlike the Door Transport case I reviewed earlier). This makes for a great way to haul your gear either to a Nerf event, or just to and from work (been looking for something to handle that for ages).

So, my recommendation is definitely to try and pick one of these up, very worthwhile!