One Dart Short

Nerf Rule #1: You never have enough darts!

Nerf Magazine Rack

Like most Nerfers, storing all my blasters and accessories is an ongoing challenge. Magazines particularly I've found tricky to balance between availability and organisation. While I've been able to make good use of the Nerf Utility P.A.K. for most of my 12 dart magazines, the rest have generally ended up loose in a box. No more! I recently came up with (what I think) is a fairly novel way of storing all sizes and shapes of Nerf magazines.

The idea came to me when doing a recent mod, and noticing the locking mechanism that kept the magazine in place once the blaster is primed. Basically, part of the bolt slides in just below the two curved side bits at the top of the magazine, preventing the mag from dropping down (note that this isn't  always the case, especially on flywheel blasters). Anyway, what this lead me to was to just have a length of wooden doweling, around the same diameter a dart, from which the magazine then hangs. 


So what I've done, is take a short piece of wood, drilled holes in it the size of the dowel, cut the dowel to lengths of approximately 6cm, and glue them into the holes. In this instance, I'm affixing it to the side of my workbench which has metal legs, so I've glued some strong magnets at the ends, making it easy to attach. I'm planning on doing a second rack which I'll affix to the wall, and that'll just have a couple of holes for screws.

A bit of cleanup with sandpaper, then some paint, and it's all up and running! 


On this one I've got room for 12 standard width magazines; a 25 dart magazine will take up an extra one-two slots on each side, however a six dart mag will still fit. Naturally, you can make this as long as you like. So yeah, that's how I'm now storing my magazines! Share and enjoy!