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Mod: HammerShot Spring Upgrade (repost)

(Note: This is a repost of my original review dated 14/Jan/2014)

This was just a quick one (something to do while the temperature was edging up to 43° this afternoon). OrangeModWorks mentioned that their 6kg Vulcan spring was a perfect fit for the HammerShot, and I happened to have a spare floating around (still haven't got around to modding my Vulcan), so I thought I'd give it a quick try.

I must admit, when I first opened up the HammerShot I thought I must have the wrong spring. Normally when upgrading the spring you want a replacement which is approximately the same physical dimensions, but is just a fair bit stiffer. As a second pick, one that's the same width but longer will generally do (just means it's always going to be under more stress). The Vulcan spring, however, is both a lot longer, a fair bit wider, oh, and the HammerShot spring is actually slightly flared at the base.

Surprisingly though, the replacement spring swaps in extremely easily. Just had to pop out the barrel unit (no catches), lift out the complete firing mechanism (I also removed the two obvious screws, but I'm not 100% sure that was even required), slightly lift the spring post to remove the stock spring, then, using a bit of force, fit the replacement spring in. Put everything back together, screw it all up (so glad they use the same size screws on most of the newer blasters), and you're done!

OMW claim an improvement from 65fps muzzle velocity to around 75fps, and my initial testing did seem to be any extra 10-15% range improvement, which seems to match up nicely. I'm way overdue for my next range test, but this'll be in it.
That's it, happy modding!