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Review: Nerf Thunderblast


The Thunderblast very much appears to be an afterthought that someone at Hasbro had, after the release of the Demolisher. Functionally, it's a basic single shot blaster that fires the new Nerf Mega Missiles (as debuted with the Demolisher). It comes with two of these Missiles, and has storage space on the stock for both.

Down the barrel of the beast! 

Down the barrel of the beast! 

With no trigger, the blaster is fired directly by pulling the front grip back. As you'd expect, the harder you pull, the greater the range. The problem here is that the harder you pull, the more out of alignment the blaster goes, meaning most shots pull fairly significantly to the left (assuming you're right handed). The Demolisher doesn't really suffer from this problem, due to the pump firing mechanism on that being more like that of a cocking a pump action shotgun. The hand eases off the mechanism automatically as you pull it back, and so doesn't pull the blaster off target. While this would have dropped power slightly, it's a shame they didn't go this route for the Thunderblast. Range doesn't mean much when your shot hits 3-4 meters to the side!

One last thing: someone seems to have gotten imaginative with the stock on this blaster, and it's actually designed so that it can sit on a (fairly small) shoulder, making it seem like a shoulder mounted rocket launcher! Kind of cool for smaller people, and seems like it's quite usable in that way. Always nice to see something new!