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Review: Nerf Mega Bigshock


I've seen a few fairly negative reports around about the Mega version of the Jolt, and now that I've managed to snag a Bigshock at a sale price (on a side note, is anyone else getting as pissed off as I am at all the Toys'r'us exclusives?), here's my take on it.


The Bigshock comes with the usual two Mega darts, and basic packaging. On first picking up the blaster, it has a very hefty feel about it. The grip of the blaster is probably the largest of any of the Nerf blasters I've seen, presumably as the only way to fit in a plunger large enough to propel a Mega dart to expected ranges. I think that any kid using this blaster is going to find it uncomfortably large, especially younger kids. That side, I find it sits quite well in my larger hand. 


Functionally, the Bigshock is (as expected) simply a scaled up Jolt. It cocks via a pull handle at the base of the grip. One difference is a storage slot above the barrel for a single Mega dart. Interestingly, at the front of this section is a small hole, which can function as a basic sighting mechanism. Not sure if it's intended that way or not.

As my model is a grey triggered low power version, I wasn't expecting too much performance-wise, and I wasn't dissapointed. This blaster is actually shooting a shorter distance than even a grey trigger Jolt! Accuracy is also pretty poor, again marginally worse than a Jolt. Given this, I wouldn't really recommend this as a blaster, especially due to the pricing (the Cycloneshock is only twice the price, and way superior as a Mega blaster).