One Dart Short

Nerf Rule #1: You never have enough darts!

Welcome to OneDartShort, my personal Nerf review blog. I try to review all the new Nerf blasters I buy, plus will be chucking in the odd bits and pieces of Nerf-related interest (including Tek Recon and BoomCo). While initially I was really just using this as a way to externalise my thoughts on all my different Nerf blasters, hopefully some of this will be of interest to others as well!

This is the second incarnation of this site. Originally I was self-hosting this using Drupal, however I was finding over time that the maintenance overhead along with the limited bandwidth available to me was (plus the lack of an easy way to post reviews from a mobile device) meant I was simply not posting stuff. Hopefully, this shift to Squarespace will encourage me to post more!